Our worldwide network of overseas agents can function as your company's overseas export/import offices and our experienced staff can advise you on the best way to consolidate your shipments, find the best price, and put together the best method for moving your goods.

Our Ocean Freight services include:
  • International Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Transshipment (Sea/Air)
  • Full-Container-Load (FCL) Consolidation Services
  • Loose-Container-Load (LCL) Consolidation Services
  • Conventional Shipment
  • On-Site Project Services
  • Proof of Delivery Services
  • Door-To-Door Services
  • Freight Collect Services
  • Fumigation Services
  • Packaging & Pallet Services
  • Perishables, Dangerous Goods, Sensitive Cargo Handling
  • Optional Storage Facilities
  • Customs Clearance
  • Marine Coverage Insurance
  • Warehousing
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